Visit The Muderous & Toxic Ashlands Grounds From PWorks

May 9, 2022 by fcostin

PWork Wargames have announced a revisit to the Ashlands, as they have taken to redesign their post-apocalyptic mat. So players can dive straight into a bleak and grim world in both calm and threatening silence, with the disturbing ash-trodden floor below them.

Ashlands Mat Preview - PWorks

Ashlands Gaming Mat Preview // PWorks Wargames

The new mat comes in several different sizes, including 3x3, 4x4 and 4x6 and you can chance the material over for your preference, PVC/Vinyl, Neoprene/Rubber and Cloth are all available. Providing players plenty of options that should keep them covered across the vast, dangerous and unpredictable wastelands.


Ashlands Mat Preview In-Play // PWork Wargames

Players can head off into a sci-fi universe with the new release, without stating the obvious and having solid flooring for your game of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare or give your Warhammer titles an edge, perfect for the likes of 40k and Necromunda.


Close-Up Detail Preview // Ashlands Mat

Prepare your game to reach a world of desolation and isolation in a warped world. Whether you want to engage in a battle of survival between warbands and savage gangs or line up your troops for a skirmish. The silence of the Ashlands would prove to be the perfect post-apocalyptic playground.

As always, the design on the mat boasts a stunning amount of detail. As each step taken on the floors of the Ashlands proves dangerous. You never know what you could be disturbing under the clouds of ash...

If you are ready to battle on the Ashlands - be sure to not forget your gasmask! 

"Prepare your game to reach a world of desolation and isolation in a warped world."

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