War Comes To Rohan With New Releases For Middle-earth SBG

December 2, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop are also looking towards the future of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game with the War In Rohan dropping this weekend. Leading the way, of course, is the book itself.

War In Rohan Book - Middle-earth SBG

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The book will feature new profiles, new scenarios, new options and more for those playing out campaigns across the battlefields of Rohan. I would hope we're going to be seeing lots of goodness surrounding the clash between the Uruk Hai and Rohan around Helm's Deep and Edoras. Saruman is also at the ready with a new set of plastic models.

Saruman & Grima - Middle-earth SBG

The new set of models include Saruman and his Palantir, summoning the spirit of Sauron to converse with. You've also got him mounted up so that he can lead his forces against the warriors of Good. Finally, there's also Grima here with a snivelling look to his expression and a dagger at the ready so that he can do some conniving.

Modular Scenery Kits

As well as the new plastic miniatures and the book there's also the addition of some very cool modular terrain which is great for creating the different settlements that are dotted across the wilds of Rohan.

Rohan House - Middle-earth SBG

As well as the House here which would most likely have been the place where a farmer and his family called home there is also a Watchtower which would have been posted on the exterior of a settlement, keeping an eye on the horizon for the forces of Evil.

Rohan Watchtower - Middle-earth SBG

This call comes together as part of a new Rohan Stronghold kit which will contain six Rohan Houses, Two Watchtowers and a set of Palisades. This seems like a fantastic option for those wanting to play out iconic clashes across Middle-earth.

Are you tempted to pick up these for use in your games?

"Saruman is also at the ready with a new set of plastic models..."

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