Warcradle Studios Take Us Into The Dark World Of Mythos

August 5, 2019 by brennon

Warcradle Studios has taken over the world of Mythos which was originally created by Paranoid Miniatures. It will be returning to the tabletop in the very near future!

Mythos Title - Warcradle

Here's some of the background for those that haven't heard of Mythos before...

"As the world rebuilds after the Great War, the carnage has caused long-forgotten dark gods of ancient power to begin to awaken. Those touched by these Old Ones have formed rival cults and now move amongst an unsuspecting world preparing for their Master's return...

Down the centuries, humanity has given different names to the notion of drawing upon the power of Mythos. Names such as magic, arcania, shamanism and down through the ages such forbidden knowledge has been learnt, lost and is now rediscovered. But can monsters and myths really stand up to flame throwers and machine guns? The hubris and industry of mankind meets occult mysticism in this thrilling and atmospheric game."

The game featured some absolutely stunning 35mm miniatures and Warcradle is going to be bringing those designs back to the tabletop. You can see some of them below from their sneaky peek.

Mythos Sneak Peek - Warcradle

With its rich array of factions and characters, the game can either be played casually in straight-up clashes or as part of an epic campaign which is driven by a narrative guide. It is very cool to see that this Lovecraftian game is going to be coming back to the tabletop and given a new lease of life.

Are you a fan of Mythos and the world that Paranoid Miniatures created?

"Are you a fan of Mythos and the world that Paranoid Miniatures created?"

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