Warcradle Explore Mythos’ Lovecraftian Priory Faction

August 29, 2019 by brennon

Warcradle Studios are exploring the different factions coming back to Mythos in 2020 with a look at one of them this week, The Priory.

The Priory - Mythos

The Priory is an interesting faction that is spread around the world in Cells. Making up the Lazarus Cell we have this cadre of characters including Professor Zachary Lazarus and his comrades in arms. Made up of learned folk, explorers, archaeologists and the mighty Golem Maharal this band of adventurers are set against the mystical forces that dwell on the edge of our reality.

Zachary - Mythos

The miniatures we're seeing here are looking rather good and a nice update for the game. I really like the amount of character worked into each of them and it's really nice to see the original vision being brought back to the tabletop thanks to Warcradle.

Kitty Page - Mythos

In the past, we've put together a bunch of neat Let's Plays and more about the different factions. You can go back through and have a look at them HERE. Whilst we don't have a clue about just how much the game is going to have changed with this new Warcradle version of the game it should give you a good idea of the world and its characters.

Maharal - Mythos

You can head on over to the blog listed above to take a better look at some of the miniatures from this faction that we've not covered. The awesome thing is that each of them has a rich and interesting backstory which will be fun for you to explore in more detail when reading about the game.

Are you tempted by The Priory for Mythos?

"Are you tempted by The Priory for Mythos?"

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