Warcradle Explore The Twisted Wyldborne Of Mythos

October 25, 2019 by brennon

Warcradle has been looking deeper at the world of Mythos and uncovering all sorts of twisted creations for your characters to face. This time around they are looking at the Wyldborne and the myriad characters that make up their ranks.

Dorothy Good - Mythos

Leading the way we take a look at Dorothy Good who has brought her slithering allies into the mix alongside her own powerful abilities.

"Dorothy Good was raised in the Old Lore along with her sister, Mercy. Her mother would have had it no other way. When Dorothy was of age she began to listen to the Wyld in the forest. As the woodland willed her to, Dorothy laced the family soup with the fungi she had foraged the previous night. All of them fell deathly ill and, as promised, her parents quickly succumbed to the toxins. But for Dorothy and her sister, they awoke changed. Now the forest speaks to her every night."

As well as Dorothy she also has the alliance of her snake servants and here's some of the background on them from Warcradle too...

"The serpents Blood and Nadrageel visited Good home the night after her parents died. Nature wastes nothing. Once the reptiles had fed, the sacrifice Dorothy had made to the Wyld bound the snakes to her service. Blood has become virtually inseparable from Dorothy, while his sibling (mirroring Dorothy’s relationship with her own sister) prefers to hunt independently and alone. Even so, at a glance, Blood and Nadrageel know when their mistress needs them to hunt down and hold someone fast… and when to feed."

As I've mentioned before, it's really good to see that Warcradle has snapped up this game and started to bring it back to the tabletop. The original Mythos sculpts were amazing and whilst there have been a few tweaks here and there a lot of the original design remains. It was too good an idea to simply let go by the wayside.

Next, we move onto an avatar of the Wyld known as Sernos.

Sernos - Mythos

This is an awesome looking creature and it immediately reminded me of some of the twisted creatures you see in the book series, The Dresden Files when Harry heads off into the realm of the Fae. Here's some of the background on him...

"A literal avatar of the Wyld, Sernos is a terrifying amalgam of beast and nightmare. Known in antiquity as ‘the Goat’, Sernos has stalked the shadowy forests since before mankind could form words to name him. Waxing strong as the Wyld is nourished by the 20 million dead from the Great War, now that Dorothy has begun to gather the Wyldborne, Sernos answers the call."

We also have another of the Good family showing up in the mix here, Mercy.

Mercy Good - Mythos

Mercy is not very merciful and instead is driven by a primal rage and aggressive tendencies. She is twisted and warped by the Wyld, the powerful forces in the nether the only thing that compels here to fight alongside her sister.

She is also joined by another female character who seems driven by the wild rage of nature, Loren.

Loren - Mythos

This is one of my favourite miniatures from the mix and even more so because she is a Nuckalavee, a creature I know well from folklore and myth.

"Loren is a Nuckalavee. These mythical creatures have a rapacious hunger which causes them to hunt deer and other prey in the deep forests. Stepping between shadows and preferring to hunt by moonlight, Loren is nonetheless a capable member of the Wyldborne. Strong and perceptive, Loren understands the power of the Wyld all too well. As long has her voracious appetites are sated she can be relied upon to fearlessly attempt any task that Dorothy Good may require of her."

The early few weeks of 2020 are going to be very awesome indeed and we can't wait to see what happens when the world of Mythos returns to the tabletop. Maybe we'll even be able to bring some folk into the studio to talk more about the game!

What do you think of the Wyldborne?

"...we can't wait to see what happens when the world of Mythos returns to the tabletop"

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