Warcry’s Varanscribe App Available For Building Warbands

August 9, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been building an app for those that want to start building up a warband in Warcry. This is a very good option, both in browser and app form, for those who want to build a warband ahead of time and see if they can work out what they need to buy from the Age Of Sigmar range.

Varanscribe Roster Browser - Games Workshop

The app allows you to name your characters, choose all of their background options and command traits from the book plus follow them throughout an entire campaign. I do like scribbling things down on paper as it's all in one place at a glance but this is certainly a good idea for the modern gamer.

As you can see in the app preview below there's a look at how the territories are covered and the path of your warband. This should be a nice aid for that especially, showing you things in a much nicer way.

Varanscribe Roster Mobile - Games Workshop

So, for those diving into the world of Warcry there are some good options. I like the style and layout of it as an app, revealing everything in a nice, easy to read way.

Organised Play Prizes

If you're looking to expand your games of Warcry towards the organised play side of things Games Workshop also showed off some of the offerings they will give to winners and those who join in.

Warcry Organised Play Prizes - Games Workshop

Whilst I do like the fact that Games Workshop have planned a proper Warcry organised play format I think the focus of the game, for me at least, would always remain more relaxed and chilled. Having a medal would be neat but I think I'll stick to the stories told with my friends during a normal campaign.

Will you be checking out the app?

"Will you be checking out the app?"

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