Wargames Atlantic Offer Up Hardy Dark Age & Modern Soldiers

March 14, 2023 by brennon

Wargames Atlantic has introduced a couple of new offerings to its Atlantic Digital collection. Both sets feature hardy 28mm fighters as we look back into the Dark Age and also to the Modern day and the conflicts happening right now.

Ulfhednar Berserkers - Wargames Atlantic

Ulfhednar Berserkers // Wargames Atlantic

Looking back to the Dark Age, we have this set of fur-clad warriors from the North. A band of Ulfhednar Berserkers are on the warpath, smashing their way through the ranks of the enemy in an animalistic rage.

The set comes with a variety of bodies that can then be customised with a range of weapons including axes and swords. You've got enough here to give them a hand weapon in each hand but you can also rock the famous Dane Axe for cutting someone in half! Some nice options there for those making both Historical and Fantasy miniatures for your armies.

Fierce Fighters

As well as the brutal Berserkers of the Viking Age, you can also call on the support of some Modern Warfare soldiers as well. Wargames Atlantic have produced a set of Female Soldiers based on those fighting in Ukraine. Some good miniatures for representing those bravely fighting on the frontlines.

Ukrainian Femal Soldiers - Wargames Atlantic

Ukrainian Female Soldiers // Wargames Atlantic

Whilst the idea is to use them as Ukrainian Soldiers, I would imagine a lot of folks will end up using these as generic Modern soldiers in their tabletop games. There is a range of different bodies for you to choose from alongside rifles and rocket launchers. You've also got kit including radios and grenades and a few different head options for customising your soldiers.

It's good to have more options for Modern troops, especially alternative Female miniatures. You could use them for plenty of Near Future conflicts as well if you prefer.

Will you be picking up some of these fierce soldiers?

"Looking back to the Dark Age, we have this set of fur-clad warriors from the North..."

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