Wargames Atlantic Help Create Boundless Persia With A Flash Sale

September 22, 2020 by avernos

I'm a big fan of Wargames Atlantic and their ethos of emptying my pockets as quickly as possible with their plastic kits. Well they've decided that they can shake me down for cash more quickly by doing a flash sale on their website for the Persians!

Persian Infantry // Wargames Atlantic

Persian armies were built from the many kingdoms and tribes conquered first by the Achaemenids including the Median, Lydian, and the Babylonian empires.  This box set can be used to create the infantry of Persia. They are wearing Median dress with heads suitable for several satrapies and allied tribes. So if you want to recreate Marathon or Thermoplayae you can't go wrong with this box.

This box set will give you enough parts to outfit 40 28mm infantry with weapons including bows, spears, kopis, and sagaris along with command options, for fans of massed battle games this is a terrific offer to build a core of your force incredibly cheaply, it's been a while since I saw decent figures at 50p a model and if you fancy seeing serried ranks of Persians dashing themselves against Alexanders army this is the way to go.

There is no word on when the sale is due to end, but if you have any interest in the ancients its worth jumping on them sooner rather than later and perhaps missing out. It's worth noting that the discount carries over to the bundle deals making them ridiculously cheap if you need a ton of chaff for your great king!

They used volleys of arrows that darken the sun

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