Wargames Atlantic Preview New Dark Age Irish Sprues

December 20, 2019 by brennon

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Wargames Atlantic are churning out the goodies right now and they have moved onto another peek at the Dark Age Irish who will be popping up soon. This sprue here gives you an idea of what is going to be in the box straight out of the factory.

Dark Age Irish Test Shot - Wargames Atlantic

As you can see, you get a selection of different bodies in striking poses as well as a range of weapons. This brings into the mix a selection of javelins and hand weapons plus some shields which hold off attacks and missiles. Obviously, you have the heads and as an interesting twist a bunch of dogs/hunting hounds which will be chasing down your foes.

I'd hazard to say that they might even be actual Irish Wolfhounds which would be great to see painted up, stalking through the grass in order to drag down your prey.

What do you think?

"What do you think?"

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