Wargames Atlantic Arm Their Spiders With Lasers!

May 18, 2020 by brennon

You might have seen that Wargames Atlantic have some fun new Giant Spiders in the mix but they recently shared that they will go beyond the bounds of Fantasy and into Sci-Fi too!

-5ec27a94bd6f8--5ec27a94bd6f9Giant Spider - Wargames Atlantic.jpg

Their spiders are going to be a fun new plastic kit which will allow you to build a range of quirky and skittering individuals who are apt at dragging unfortunate foes into their webbed domain. They already look terrifying, rising up and getting ready to pounce. The set will contain larger Spiders like the one above as well as a selection of smaller options for swarms.

Spiders...With Guns!

The artwork we initially saw from Peter Dennis showed off the Fantasy version of these creatures about to strike at a poor Halfling.

Spider Art - Wargames Atlantic

But, updated artwork as part of their newest preview also shows these Spiders armed with laser guns! The set will also come with futuristic weapon arms, face shields, and mechanical legs so they can be turned into techno-bugs of the far future.

Tech Spider Art - Wargames Atlantic

I think this is a really fun option for this kit and something which could have easily been done as a separate kit. It's nice to see it has been included in the set though so you can mix and match dependant on the way you want to play. I really want to see a full army of deadly Sci-Fi Spiders now too.

Are you tempted by this upcoming Fantasy/Sci-Fi kit?

"I really want to see a full army of deadly Sci-Fi Spiders now too..."

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