Warlord Games Buy 16th Century Pro Gloria Miniatures

December 11, 2014 by brennon

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Warlord Games have snapped up Pro Gloria Miniatures and their range of 16th Century 28mm miniatures that would be perfect for their Pike & Shotte game that they have in their library of historical games...

Pro Gloria

28mm Landsknecht

From Warlord...

“Our Pike & Shotte game system is very dear to our hearts and we continue to expand our already comprehensive English Civil Wars and Thirty years Wars ranges. We have long wanted to add the legendary Landsknechts to our offer so when Stephan contacted us about taking his wonderful range on it was an easy decision! Stephan’s choice to come to Warlord Games with his ‘baby’ shows a great deal of confidence in what we’re doing here and we hope this won’t be the last range we bring into the Warlord fold. We are looking forward to making these beautiful models available soon and adding to the range in the near future”.

Woodland Skirmish

...and Pro Gloria.

“I am very pleased Pro Gloria is now in such good hands. Between Pro Gloria and my full-time job I wasn’t able to give either the range or its many fans the attention they deserved so finding a good home for it became essential. Warlord Games have a proven track record for taking other ranges on to a different level so this will be great news for gamers and painters keen on this period of history. It was also very important to me that I could remain involved in the development of the range – I simply can’t get enough of 16th century Landsknechts!”

So if you're a big fan of Pike & Shotte and this era of warfare then you're going to have more options under the umbrella of Warlord Games.

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