Warlord & Mythicos Join Forces To Create New Gaming Venues

June 17, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games and Mythicos Studios, a US-based company, are going to be joining forces to create new gaming and event venues both in Europe and America.

Mythicos Studios

The new partnership they are building will look to focus on co-brand retail locations and spaces for board games, collectable card games, roleplaying games and wargames. In October 2019 a new venue will be launched in New York alongside the one currently residing in Succasunna. Additional venues are also in the works which will be rebranded as Warlord Mythicos Studios.

Warlord Game

As well as working towards creating venues for tabletop gamers they will also be joining forces on Mythicos Studios developed games and existing Warlord Games properties and systems.

John Stallard said...

"Everyone at Warlord Games is thrilled to partner with Mythicos Studios. Our companies share a dedication to our gaming communities. We seek to provide gamers of all types with the very best venues in which to enjoy their favourite aspects of the games they love."

...and Nelson Martinez of Mythicos Studios said the new partnership

"...will help Mythicos Studios expand our model of focusing on the gamers and the games they are so passionate about. Our studios are not just places to shop, these are places where gamers will find the very best gaming conditions possible and all of  the products and services any gamer (newbie or expert) will ever need to ensure he or she gets as much out of their hobby as possible."

Whilst they are starting off with a focus on the East Coast of America and Europe there is a long-term goal for both companies to establish a Warlord Mythicos Studios venue in every US metropolitan area and have a 'global presence for the brand, its entertainment and gaming products, and venues'.

This certainly sounds like a very big undertaking for both companies but one that could be very interesting as it looks to get a whole range of games into the faces of more people on the high street. Time will obviously tell as to how successful this is going to be considering the nature of the industry right now and the online world but we're excited to see how these venues shape up!

"...there is a long-term goal for both companies to establish a Warlord Mythicos Studios venue in every US metropolitan area"

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