Warlord Preview New Accessories For Black Seas Admirals

December 17, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games has been showing off a few new accessories which are going to be popping up to support Black Seas. First up we have the new Punchboard Set which is an alternative option when it comes to terrain and tokens.

Black Seas Punchboard Set - Warlord Games

The Punchboard Set comes with small cardboard terrain elements as well as some tokens which can be used to illustrate conditions on your ship and more. This would be a nice, cheaper alternative for those wanting to add some more colour to their tabletops without having to do any painting. I particularly like the defences that you can set up along the coast.

Cruising Through The Waves

As well as the Punchboard Set you can also pick up a range of resin Sea Bases which can be placed under your ships allowing you to add some drama to proceedings are your ships crash through the waves.

Ship Bases #1 - Warlord Games

Options have been revealed for use with First and Third Rate Ships as well as Frigates and Brigs. Basically, whatever ships you have in your collection, you can now mount them up on some nice sea bases which show your ships cruising through the water.

Ship Bases #2 - Warlord Games

These are some nice looking options for Black Seas players. Anything that helps add a bit more of a spectacle to your games is always welcome and it's good to 'pimp' these smaller games once you've got your hands on all of the ships you need.

What do you make of these new accessories?

"These are some nice looking options for Black Seas players..."

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