Warlord Get You Started With More SPQR Warbands

July 16, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games are getting fired up to dive further into SPQR as they showed off two warbands from inside the studio. These have then been added into the mix on their webstore so you can match their 500 Denarii warbands and use them on the tabletop too.

Macedonian Warband - Warlord Games

The first of these is a Macedonian warband which has been put together by Darren. Whilst this looks like a lot of miniatures to start off with, the actual warband is made up of a Mounted Hero with Spear & Shield, a seven-man unit of Companion Cavalry and then finally a ten-man unit of Foot Companions.

The option over on their webstore obviously offers up more in order to give you the breadth to expand up to 1000 Denarii over time.

A Greek Phalanx

As well as the Macedonians we also have a Greek warband which was designed by Charlie C. The set is designed to work as Thracians, Spartans or perhaps another state if you prefer.

Greek Warband - Warlord Games

Much like with the Macedonian force this SPQR warband starts you off with a sixteen-man unit of Slingers, five heavily armoured Hoplites and eight lightly armoured Hoplites. They are then led by a sling-armed Hoplite hero who will be leading from the back most likely!

The set does then expand out with more options for you to build up to 100 Denarii just like with the Macedonian warband above.

Are you going to be playing some SPQR and if so, which faction will you choose?

"...which faction will you choose?"

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