Warner Bros. Sign Up the Cast of the Suicide Squad

December 3, 2014 by dracs

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I must admit to having been somewhat underwhelmed by the first entry into the DC cinematic universe, but there is one title that has me really excited and that is the Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad is basically the DC Universe's version of the Dirty Dozen, a team of incarcerated super villains who are sent out by the government on suicidal missions. Over the years it has featured a revolving cast of psychotic killers, forced to work together against their will. As you would expect, this leads to some pretty interesting character dynamics and situations.

Now a number of big name actors have signed on, each taking on the role of an iconic comic book character, drawing from the rogues galleries of various heroes. So, let's take a look at what we can expect:

First we have a guy from the Flash's gang of villains, the Aussie Captain Boomerang (or Boomerang as he's referred to here), played by Jai Courtney.


Jai is probably best known for his role as Varro in the show Spartacus: Blood and Sand. He's an Australian actor, so we won't have to put up with someone's terrible attempt at an accent. Boomerang himself is an interesting choice. He may  seem like a dumb gimmick, but in the comics has managed to become a real threat, capable of going toe to toe with the world's fastest man.

Next we have The Enchantress, portrayed by Cara Delvigne.


Cara is an English fashion model whose previous acting work has included The Face of an Angel and Grand Theft Auto 5. not having seen her in anything I can't take a guess at how she'll be, but the presence of the Enchantress definitely interesting. The character is essentially a Jekyll and Hyde, split between her identity as June Moone and the evil force of the Enchantress, which should mean plenty of interesting character conflict.

Now we're moving onto the big names as three of Batman's rogues gallery have been cast. First we have the fan favourite Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie.

Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie is another Aussie actor who was most notably in the film The Wolf of Wall Street, for which she got the Empire Award for Best Newcomer. Harley Quinn first came to be in the 1990s Batman Animated series, but was so popular she made it into the comics. A one-time psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, she decided to take a crack at curing the Joker. Instead, she fell in love with him and became his devoted side kick.

The character was previously portrayed in the blessedly short lived TV series Birds of Prey. Hopefully this film will feature a far more entertaining portrayal.

Harley Quinn Birds of prey

After Harley we come to Deadshot, the world's greatest marksman, who will be played by none other than Will Smith.


Deadshot is the world's greatest marksman, his aim enhanced by his eye piece to the extent that he can even bounce his bullets round corners. Will Smith is, well he's Will Smith! I don't have to tell you who Will Smith is do I? His casting of the usually white character has been celebrated as bringing some much needed diversity to DC's projected films.

Deadshot has seen a couple of live action appearances on the TV shows Smallville and Arrow. However, he has been pretty much a one note villain and this film portrayal should give him more space to develop as a character.

Arrow Deadshot

At last wee come to the big one. After all, you can't have Harley Quinn without her puddin'.


The Batman's nemesis is being played by Jared Leto, the frontman for the band 30 Seconds to Mars. He has done plenty of film work too, including Fight Club, American Psycho and Panic Room. It's a casting decision which seems to have plenty of people rather anxious and it's easy to see why. This is, after all, The Joker, possibly DC's most iconic villain. And when you consider the shoes he will be filling from the Joker's last live action appearance.

Heath Ledger JokerImage from Business Insider

All eyes are going to be on Leto for this one. Still, no pressure, right?

Finally we meet the leader of the Suicide Squad, Rick Flag.

Rick Flag

Fresh from his last comic book movie, playing Bane in Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy is another of those big name actors who needs little introduction. Rick Flag is the constant head of the Suicide Squad. An agent at the very peak of human physical accomplishment, Rick Flag knows how to keep his rag tag team in check.

Aside from these, there have been a couple of casting rumours. Jesse Eisenberg is supposedly in negotiations to appear as Lex Luthor after playing the character in Batman vs Superman, while it has been suggested Oprah could be playing Amanda Waller, the woman behind the Suicide Squad. Personally, I think these castings choices show a lot of promise. Let's just hope the script does the team justice.

What would have been your ideal line up for this team?

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