Warp Miniatures Bring Dark Dwarf Lords To Patreon + Baubles!

December 2, 2021 by brennon

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Warp Miniatures is back on Patreon with a new set of 3D Printable models for you to print off at home during the month of December. The next part of the Dark Dwarves collection has landed with the Lords being the focus this time around.

Lords Of The Dark Dwarves Part 3 - Warp Miniatures

Lords Of The Dark Dwarves // Warp Miniatures

This new selection includes the named character Zagreb The Heinous alongside a Dark Dwarf Sorceror and a collection of hangers-on, perhaps as a retinue. You have a beastmaster of sorts, some helmeted warriors and a bull centaur who might be a good leader for the cavalry section of your army.

I like this set as it offers up a good choice for those making mighty armies and also offers up lords and heroes that could lead smaller skirmishing warbands. I think the Sorcerer is my favourite miniature of the bunch, especially with that twisted face, beady eye and book/familiar.

Christmas Baubles!

As well as the traditional wargaming options, we also have some decorations for wargamers.

Christmas Baubles - Warp Miniatures

Christmas Baubles // Warp Miniatures

Download these, print them off and work them into your Christmas decorations for the year. I think that Beholder would look awesome near the top of the tree! It's neat to see the designs from Warp Miniatures put to other uses.

Are you going to be downloading these new options from Patreon this month?

"I think that Beholder would look awesome near the top of the tree!"

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