Warrior Monks Join Victrix’s Anglo-Saxon Plastic Army

January 29, 2019 by brennon

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Victrix's Anglo-Saxon plastics are going to be gorgeous and a recent preview revealed that their command frame is going to come with options for making Warrior Monks!

Saxon Command Frame Monk - Victrix

I assume you'll get the one body but then a range of different head, weapon and accessory options to go with him. This is great to see as dealing with heathens is a dangerous business and it would be good to have a man of God nearby to help inspire the men to new feats of courage.

There are so many options available as part of these plastic kits from Victrix that they might become that entry point for people looking to build warbands and the like. As well as being able to provide your rank and file there are lots of different ways to make characters from this mix too.

Are you tempted to include some Warrior Monks in your force?

"Are you tempted to include some Warrior Monks in your force?"

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