Warthrone Brings A Master Mason & A Lady Of War To Battle

February 16, 2016 by brennon

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Avatars Of War have added a pair of new heroes to their line for Warthrone. Both slender and stout are the order of the day here with both the Lady of War and the Dwarf Master Mason taking different outlooks on conflict...

Lady Of War

Kicking things off we have the Lady of War for your chaotic factions. She comes with two weapons and has two head options. The first of these is the demonic helmet and the second is her wild haired version with a bare head.

Lady Of War

I think that she would work well within a Khornate warband as she has the look of someone who enjoys combat. In saying that she could probably work within Slannesh and Tzeentch too with the right scheme.

Lady Of War (No Helmet)

I'd actually love to see her hair done in strange colours if she was fighting for Tzeentch. I'd be tempted to paint the blades in the same way too to make them look more magical.

Master Mason

Following on from her and with his mind very much within a tankard of ale we have the Master Mason for your Dwarf armies.

Dwarf Master Mason

These Master Masons travel around the Dwarven lands and beyond with an aim to bring regular architects and other skilled craftsmen under his wing so he can teach them the ways of tempering magic. I think he'd make a great adventurer in his own right as well as when part of an army.

Which of the two do you prefer?

"I'd be tempted to paint the blades in the same way too to make them look more magical..."

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