Wave 3 Of 15mm Maschinen Krieger Released From Slave2Gaming

April 18, 2023 by avernos

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Slaves2Gaming has released the third wave for their 15mm Maschinen Krieger range filling in some more gaps for the SDR and IMA forces of the late 29th century.

Maschinen Krieger // Slave2Gaming

This wave contains more of the quintessential Maschinen Krieger walking armoured suits for both the SDR and their mercenary opponents with two new packs for each of the warring factions a unit pack and a support pack with specialist weapons to help provide that extra punch needed to knock out some of the heavier targets out there.

Infantry isn't the only addition to the range as there are a pair of walkers useful for scouting or flanking your enemy and bringing additional firepower to bear that even the Krieger suits can't handle. I think these look terrific and they really invoke some of the Star Wars vibes that inspired Yokoyama when he first began designing the world in the early 80s.

Finally Slave2Gaming has released a flyer that can be outfitted for either faction. The Fledermous may be equipped with bombs, missiles, and cannon for a variety of roles on the tabletop. So whether you need some bunker-busting or ground support these hot-shot pilots have you covered. The introduction of fliers gives new mission objectives to the game as well these are the movement part of the aircraft turn, they include the strafe/bomb, the land and deploy, and the Dog fight. So it increases the combined arms' feel of conflict on the tabletop. If you don't have some anti-air then you may find your forces on the receiving end of a massive kicking.

Fledermous // Ma.K 15mm

The new miniatures look fantastic and I'm excited to see where this goes in the long term. The game system is still being worked out and you can join the Ma.K 15mm Facepage group if you want to get involved in playtesting and seeing how the game works. In August Slaves2Gaming are planning a small convention to meet up and play out some games. So if you are interested in Maschinen Krieger and are able to get to Canberra on August 12th then you should check out Mini Ma.KCON as spaces are limited.

I don't know much about Ma.K but I've always enjoyed the aesthetic and I've a friend who has shelves adorned with a host of figures from the universe. The idea of playing out a hard sci-fi war game with limited factions appeals to me as an entry point to the world created forty years ago, and with talk of a Holywood film a possibility maybe we'll see a lot more interest in the world of Ma.K 15mm.

Have you delved into the world of Kow Yokoyama?

"The idea of playing out a hard sci-fi war game with limited factions appeals to me as an entry point to the world created forty years ago"

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