Keep An Eye Out For Wave Two Of Warlord Game’s Judge Dredd

December 20, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games has been showing off what is coming for Wave Two of their Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. Things are hotting up with all sorts of miscreants being thrown into the mix but we start with a look at Judge Anderson who comes both on her bike and off of it.

Judge Anderson - Warlord Games

The model is looking rather cool and I love the absolutely over-the-top look of the bikes they have in this world. They are serious battering rams, ready to just smash through enemies and blow stuff up along the way. The on-foot version of her also brings in that psychic element about her character which makes her so key to the work of the Judges.

Citi-Def Forces

As well as the Judge we also have the Citi-Def dropping into the mix. They have two options for you to check out starting with the core set of models...

Citi-Def - Warlord Games

...and also a set of Citi-Def Reinforcements who offer some specialist weapons into the mix for you to use when things get a bit more deadly. As with the rest of the models for the range, there is a real step up in quality from Warlord for the new edition which moves away from the classic look.

Citi-Def Reinforcements - Warlord Games

With this set, in particular, you have a rocket launcher, sniper rifle and more. I think the purple armour is very cool indeed and gives you an interesting force which would be good to use across scenario-based games and more standard clashes.

Cursed Mutants

Additionally, on the other side of things, we have some more odd creatures from the wastelands. Leading the way here we have the Mutant Sky Riders.

Mutant Sky Raiders - Warlord Games

There are also the Cursed Earth Raiders which come with some heavier equipment. Mastering the air seems like the right way to tackle your foes, getting the drop on them when they least expect it.

Cursed Earth Raiders - Warlord Games

I like what they've done here, especially with the poses. It gives them a real natural feel which can sometimes be hard when it comes to building flying models.

Hovering Vehicles

Finally, we've got some more 'terrain' options that you can throw into the mix during your games. Well, I say terrain but these vehicles can be used as proper gaming pieces too I would imagine.

Grav Pod - Warlord Games

Here we have the Grav Pod and the Hover Van which help to build up the aesthetic of 2000AD on the tabletop. These can give you some nice transport options for the game and also something fun to blow out of the sky too.

Hover Van - Warlord Games

I quite like the idea of covering these in graffiti and throwing them into the mix under the charge of some deadly gangers instead. I could imagine them claiming these, strapping guns onto them and using them to great effect.

Will you be picking these up for your Judge Dredd games?

"I quite like the idea of covering these in graffiti and throwing them into the mix under the charge of some deadly gangers instead..."

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