Welcome Guests To Your Undead Hotel In Hellton Palace

October 27, 2022 by brennon

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IELLO has been previewing a new two-player board game set up to release in 2023. Hellton Palace has you introducing guests to your underworld hotel and hoping that you can outlast your opponent.

Hellton Palace - IELLO

Hellton Palace // IELLO

During a game of Hellton Palace, both players will be managing a hotel, hiring bellhops and addressing the needs of their guests. Your hotel will collapse so you just need to make sure that your abode is the one left standing.

Hellton Palace Set Up - IELLO

Hellton Palace - Set Up // IELLO

On a turn of Hellton Palace, you will welcome guests to one of the available rooms on your board. You will then dismiss bellhops and then hire new ones with the money that you've earned. You will then have to move your bellhops around the board, working out if you want to serve a guest and remove their irritation or push past.

As the game moves on, the player's guests will become more and more irritated and some legendary creatures and gods can step in and break the supports of your building. To this end, there are two ways that the game can end. You either run out of bell tokens or all of the pillars on one hotel are removed, sending it crashing to the ground.

Hellton Palace seems like a great game for two players to get stuck into, especially with that "race against time" mechanic in effect. I think it helps that Lorenzo Colangeli's artwork is wonderful and sets the lighter tone really nicely.

Could you be tempted by this?

"...Lorenzo Colangeli's artwork is wonderful and sets the lighter tone really nicely"

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