Privateer Press Announce Well of Orboros Preorder With Free Water Bottle!

March 6, 2019 by cassn

A powerful elemental tool built by the blackclads of the Circle Oboros, the Well of Orboros comes with a free Black Anchor Industries Water Bottle when preordered through the Privateer Press website!


This fantastic floating edifice facilitates the crossing of vast distances by the Circle Orboros through tapping into the Caen ley line network. These powerful ancient structures draw up energy which can be used to invoke seismic events or empower druids and arcane objects.

Preorder the Well of Orboros by March 25th 2019 to receive your free (sadly, unmagical) water bottle. For further information, check out the Privateer Press website.

Do 'freebies' like these ever influence your decision to make a gaming purchase?

"A fantastic floating edifice!"

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