Westfalia Go On A Dark Crusade With Upcoming Birdsung Kickstarter

September 15, 2023 by avernos

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Westfalia Miniatures has long been known for a spectacular range of fantasy figures and the upcoming Birdsung - The Dark Crusade is no different, however, this time around the fantasy is very much tinged with historical reality and a group of Teutonic heroes to go dungeon-delving and monster hunting.

Westfalia Birdsung_Teutonic Knight

Westfalia Miniatures // Birdsung - Teutonic Knight

Starting off is a perfect exemplar of a Teutonic knight come paladin. The attention to detail on the arms and armour is fantastic and the realism of the sculpt gives the figure an imposing look of tension and restraint. He looks perfect for the Northern Crusades whether it is against heretics of the church or monsters he'll do the job.

Westfalia Birdsung_Teutonic Cleric

Westfalia Miniatures // Teutonic Cleric

Moving towards the more fantastical this knight would make an ideal cleric, armed with a thurible to consecrate and sanctify and a mace that pushes the bounds on what constitutes a blunt weapon. Again the sculpt and detailing on the armour are beautifully rendered by Boris.

Westfalia Birdsung_Teutonic Wizzard

Westfalia Birdsung_Teutonic Wizzard

Priest, Hermit, or Hedge Wizard the choice is yours for this one. A wonderful set of mutton chop sideburns and eyes that seem to have seen too much as he carries bible and crucifix to protect the immortal souls of the Crusaders (or anyone they happen to need to cleanse). Probably the stand-out figure for me from the religious set to date.

Westfalia Birdsung_Alberik

Birdsung - The Dark Crusade // Alberik

Alberik is the first non-human in the Teutonic ranks, a dwarf short of stature but strong of arm. The move into fantasy allows some interesting choices that still retain a feel of both the knightly order and their church roots. The polearm that forms a cross through the double-headed axe blade will let people know who is coming visible above the taller members of the party. The braiding of the beard creeping out from below the helm also helps set the nordic dwarven feel.

Westfalia Birdsung_the Cutter

Westfalia Miniatures // the Cutter

It wouldn't be Westfalia if they didn't give Boris the opportunity to give his take on creatures and the Cutter is one such miniature. The stretched limbs and extruded spines would be enough for a creepy skeleton to stalk the corridors but the shears that it carries (or are they part of him?) are exorcist III levels of nightmare fuel, he has no voice and yet he screams.

The Bone Christ

This figure looks like it could have stepped out of a Renaissance painting I'm not sure mocking the Teutonic Knights is wise though someone may be about to get it's head caved in by a spiked mace! Of course it's possible that it's just setting up another cross to deal with intruders.

Another part of the campaign is this magnificent warning/objective for the party as they descend further into madness. Max has done a ton of 3D sculpting for Westfalia and one gold piece and this is another corker. Can we also take a moment to appreciate the detail on the gear that he's been unceremonially hung up in St Peter style?

This is a fantastic-looking set and I'm interested in how large it will be, Westfalia has taken to making smaller sets in campaigns of late so I don't foresee a warband level of miniatures in it. But I do think we'll see a few more figures when it launches on Kickstarter and maybe a few large boss-style figures as well.

Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat!

"This is a fantastic-looking set and I'm interested in how large it will be..."

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