A Wickedly Awesome Angel Joins The Ranks Of Purgatory

June 26, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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Just when I think we've seen it all from Underestimated Games, they prove me wrong! This weekend they revealed some fantastic artwork for the wickedly wonderful angel of Purgatory - Lucretia. Just look at this art!


I cannot wait to see how she shapes up into a sculpt and what they do with that whip! It's one of those things that offers such an amazing sense of movement to the piece. But who is she? Thankfully, they have not left us to our own devices to figure that out. Enjoy!

Purgatory box contents

Lucretia was very close to Satan and Moloch. From the Choir of Powers, she represents the military aspect of the angels who are charged with the defense of heaven but also to quell any uprisings that threaten the extinction of any race.

When Satan fell from grace, Lucretia along with Moloch, led the hunt for the loyalist angels still in Heaven after The Breaking.

A consummate warlord and a paradigm of martial prowess and brutal efficiency, Lucretia excels at leading by example and inspires those around her to greater levels of skill.

In game, Lucretia is equal in skill to Penemue and is a whirlwind of destruction in the melee. Her weapons are deadly and have been chosen from her war arsenal very deliberately.

The shield she bears contains the soul of Medusa, known of Greek legend, able to turn a man to stone at slightest gaze. The shield not only can resist incoming ranged attacks but it also reduces opponents melee ability (Ma) as they fight to ward off the effects of the baleful soul.

The whip is alive and writhes in frustrated fury and agony. Bound to it is the soul of the snake that ensnared Adam, the first man. Tormented, this whip is mankind's bane and is wickedly cunning.

Lucretia has a very unique effect on those within her faction. Each member is soul locked to her and when combined in unison as a faction, they feed off her aura, gaining power and ability the closer they are. This power wanes the further they are from her aura meaning that they most optimal as a fighting wedge of whirling blades and unfettered fury.

They are the combat player's dream faction.

As mercenaries, they are less effective but their skill as warriors make them a handy addition to less combat orientated factions.

What do you think of this meddlesome angel of Purgatory?

"But who is she? Thankfully, they have not left us to our own devices to figure that out..."

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