Wield The Magic Of Scarred Lands With Onyx Path’s 5E Spell Cards

May 10, 2019 by dracs

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Onyx Path have released a set of 5e Spell Cards for use in the fantasy setting of Scarred Lands.

Scarred Lands is a setting for Edition and Pathfinder. Drawing heavily from Greek mythology, it sets players in the Grim-Bright world of Scarn, a fantasy realm still bearing the scars of the Divine War between the titans and the young gods.

These cards gather together the different magical spells from Scarred Lands, letting you easily refer back to whichever bit of magic you wish to cast.

Spell Cards like these are extremely useful, stopping you from having to flick back and forth through the book everytime you need to figure out what exactly you can do.

I came across Scarred Lands for the first time recently when listening to the Onyx Pathcast. It has really grabbed my attention, and is a setting I would like to explore further.

Would you make use of these in your games? 

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