More Wild Warriors Come To Warlord Games’ Sláine Wargame

May 16, 2022 by brennon

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Warlord Games is expanding the world of Sláine: Kiss My Axe with additional boxed sets packed with models for this wild Fantasy wargame. See what you make of this new host of pre-orders that are available right now.

The Cauldron Of Blood - Slaine

The Cauldron Of Blood // Sláine: Kiss My Axe

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The first of the sets is for the lovely Cauldron Of Blood. The Cauldron Of Blood is a sacred object that could offer up a never-ending supply of food. However, deep within it was the spirit of Morrigan The Crone and her son Avagddu. Using the power of the cauldron, those who had fallen in life could be brought back to life. The Reborn are effectively a homebrewed army of undead warriors!

The set comes with four of the Reborn, a Cauldron Druid and the Cauldron Of Blood itself. A rather spooky objective for you to try and smash to pieces with Sláine and his companions during your games.

Warrior women are the focus of the next set of releases with the What The El? set popping up next packed with different characters for you to use in your games.

What The El - Slaine

What The El? // Sláine: Kiss My Axe

This set comes with Elfric Serpent-Eye alongside a set of the El-Women that look vicious with their weapons of choice. Venturing into the world from a place out of time and space, Elfric was able to put down any foe with his magical third eye. Sláine and many of his allies were needed to bring Elfric down and stop his rampage.

You also have a set of three warrior-women to include in your games in the form of The Badb.

The Badb - Slaine

The Badb // Sláine: Kiss My Axe

Some of the children that were to be sacrificed to the Lord Weird were spared and raised as Drunes. These Warrior-Witches that you see here served Slough Feg and are dedicated to the worship of Crom Cruach. Three of these Badb here battles against Sláine once; Nemon The Venomous, Fea The Hateful and Catha The Fury. Break out of a Wickerman and start kicking their asses!

Champions Of Sláine: Kiss My Axe

A couple of sets of regular warriors and champions have also been added into the mix for the Fomorians and the Drune. You can pick up the Fomorian Champions...

Fomorian Champions - Slaine

Fomorian Champions // Sláine: Kiss My Axe

...and the Drune Half Dead. Each of these sets offers up a new challenge for Sláine and his companions on the tabletop.

Drune Half Dead - Slaine

Drune Half Dead // Sláine: Kiss My Axe

I can't imagine that that Cauldron Of Blood that we saw earlier would only stop at releasing three of four of the undead. Send more shamblers out onto the tabletop and see how Sláine deals with more of their number!

Last but not least, we also have a set of Beasts Of The Forest. Sometimes you need to battle against the natural world!

Beasts Of The Forest - Slaine

Beasts Of The Forest // Sláine: Kiss My Axe

This set comes with a Bear, Wolf, Porcupine and a Wild Boar alongside a unit card to use them in your games. I can see how deadly three of these creatures would be but I do wonder what damage a porcupine can do. I am probably going to regret that and find myself filled with sharp quills!

Could you be tempted to snap up these new sets for use in Sláine: Kiss My Axe?

"Send more shamblers out onto the tabletop and see how Sláine deals with more of their number! "

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