Wild West Exodus’ New Posse Is Thinking With Portals

April 29, 2019 by brennon

Wild West Exodus welcomes a new Posse for those looking to stretch their wings and try something new. The Portal Vanguard Posse is up for pre-order right now led by Elita Nura.

Portal Vanguard Posse - Wild West Exodus

"It was once Elita Nura's dream to join the ranks of the Cor Caroli; to become a vessel for a fragment of the Allshard and to serve the Order more fully as such. Despite her desire, Nura was given command of the Spica Astraea - the Portal Vanguard. This elite team are sent in to conduct lightning raids on enclaves of Tainted men and women as well as covert missions. There are few places safe against a well-trained team armed with portal technology."

The set comes with six resin miniatures and two of their portals which they use in game. Clad in all sorts of strange and esoteric armour this is an interesting set which gives you access to all new characters and soldiers.

I do like most of the characters from the set but the larger armoured figures don't look quite right to me. Something about their posing looks very odd. It is as if they're falling over rather than darting forward with chains flying forth from their hands. They also look a little top heavy.

Grey Elite Myriad

Next up we're going to look at some of the other pre-orders from the end of last week. First up, we have the Grey Elite Myriad.

Grey Elites Myriad - Wild West Exodus

Armed with all sorts of strange looking weapons, this is the set that starts to almost bridge the gap for Wild West Exodus between Steampunk and Sci-Fi. I'm still not entirely sold on the idea of them throwing aliens into the mix but I know a lot of people do enjoy them.

It's was also an original take for someone developing a Steampunky setting so they should be commended for that.

Blaster Master

Next up we're looking at the Phonic Blast Menials.

Phonic Blaster Menials - Wild West Exodus

Being able to bring sonic weapons to the tabletop these drones have been armed with guns that can rupture eardrums, split skin and crush organs. They sound very pleasant, don't they? These unthinking minions could provide you with a decent advantage over your foes.

It's Alive!

We also have Creation VII which is one of the pre-orders available for The Enlightened.

Creation VII - Wild West Exodus

"It is up close, however, that Creation VII is most dangerous. Its upper right arm ends in an Industrial drill while its left is fitted with an industrial grade double buzzsaw. So versatile is this combination of weapons and tools that Countess has often had cause and compensation to lend this tireless behemoth to her fellow Lords and Ladies. Indeed many of the deeper tunnels beneath the Warcradle are thanks to Creation VII."

Bringing together the likes of the Big Daddy from Bioshock and something altogether more insidious and necromantic, this creation almost epitomises Wild West Exodus. Creation VII is strange, warped, weird and utterly mad. It's certainly something which marks the game apart from others.

Magenta Alpha

Finally, we have Magenta Alpha also available for pre-order once more in their webstore.

Magenta Alpha - Wild West Exodus

Some of those that have followed Wild West Exodus for a while will know many of these creations from previous outings but it's good to see them returning to the fold once more.

What will you be picking up from their selection this week?

"Clad in all sorts of strange and esoteric armour this is an interesting set..."

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