Wild West Exodus Whips The Watchers Into Shape

August 28, 2015 by dracs

Some new minis are on their way from Wild West Exodus as the alien Watchers get ready to step out of their successful Kickstarter and onto the tabletop, as well as the latest weapon tech of the sinister Union.

The Watchers Are Coming

These classic grey aliens will soon be getting released, bringing some even more high tech slaughter to the weird frontier world of Wild West Exodus.


Watcher Back

The model shown here is a Grey, one of the standard troops of the Watchers, but equipped with some particularly nasty heavy weaponry. It's a great model that manages to be both familiar and original and should soon be appearing in people's collections to cause some real chaos.

Union Get a Case of Whiplash

Of course, the Watchers don't go uncontested as the Union are getting ready to field their new whip wielding Charger.


Charger Back

Wielding a pair of electrified whips, the Charger looks to be frightening opponent to go up against. Whips are dangerous and unpredictable at the best of times, but when they have some added power to them then you are left with a weapon that could most likely leave limbs tangled and even sheared right off.

Are you looking forward to the release of the Watchers? What are your thoughts on the Charger?

"The model shown here is a Grey, great sculpt that manages to be both familiar and original."

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