Roll Your Through The Gauntlet In Dice Conquest

January 26, 2022 by fcostin

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WizKids has just announced a new game title coming to retail in April 2022. Pulling together dice and cards, as heroes embark on a fantasy quest to take down an army of monsters in Dice Conquest.

Dice Conquest Alt

Dice Conquest // Wizkids

1-4 players will equip themselves with the role of the dice, as they cooperate in making their way through a gauntlet full of monsters willing to see their heroic demise. However, players will need to make their way through the horde before reaching the end. As the dragon Kalterstorm awaits their brave approach to take him down with a group of brutal adventurers.

Whether you want to head into the battle solo, or be equipped with other adventurers. There are eight different players to choose from when making their way through Kalterstorm's army, and the mighty Kalterstorm himself. Players must roll for damage, and combine with cards that include traps to cut their way through the onslaught.

There are 23 different creatures to contend with in total in the box, along with everything you need to roll your way through the battery.

The game only takes roughly half an hour to complete, and you can bring adventurers 10+ with you on your battle to the mighty dragon. Be sure to look out at your FLGS for the upcoming release in April for Dice Conquest.

What is your favourite dice-rolling title? 

"Kalterstorm awaits their brave approach to take him down with a group of brutal adventurers..."

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