Gary Hunt Works With ZombieSmith On Beestwars Rules

January 31, 2017 by brennon

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If you've become a fan of the wild warriors sculpted by Gary Hunt then you might be interested in the skirmish game he's working on with ZombieSmith called Beestwars.

beestwars cover

The rules are free to snap up from ZombieSmith and adapt their Shieldbash system to fit the miniatures and feel of Gary Hunt's world. You will be playing as either the Geladan (Baboon Men) or Clovis (Beastmen) on the tabletop.

Beestwars Gameplay

I like the idea of a small skirmish game based on a handful of models, just to give you something new and interesting to work on and play in between your big games.

Why not download the rules and give this one a go?

"You will be playing as either the Geladan or Clovis on the tabletop..."

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