The World Of Wrathborn Heading To Kickstarter Next Year

October 27, 2014 by brennon

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Wrathborn, a fantasy skirmish game that we've been having a look at over the past few months, is heading to Kickstarter next year. With that in mind see what you think of the Norndrassel Faction Starter Set they've previewed and a few more details...

Wrathborn Logo

Norndrassel Faction

The faction above will be one of three that is part of the Kickstarter. As well as the Norndrassel they will also have options for the Lycanfiends and the Orcan Tribes but they are open to other suggestions including terrain and basing options too. You can find out more about it and ask questions to the folks behind the game on the Hairy Studios Facebook page.

I'm quite a fan of their neat take on the Vikings/Saxons for their Norndrassel and you can even see a sculpting guide over on their website at the top of the page.

Will you be keeping an eye on this?

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