Wreck Age Kickstarter Project

November 1, 2011 by beerogre

The Guys from Wreck Age have launched a Kickstarter Project to get their miniatures and game out there on the shelves... can you help?

If you don't know much (or anything) about Wreck Age... here's what they have to say...

Wreck Age is a game/world, based on the imagination of two friends and a multitude of compatriots.

We are casting a line of metal miniatures for our 28mm post-apocalypse adventure game. This kickstarter project is a means of speeding up production, and allowing us to get our line out to the public at a much faster rate than we'd possibly be able to otherwise.

Imagine for a moment: A Sci-fi world based on the premise that the rich and powerful have abandoned earth. 150 years ago, a mass Exodus of Seed Ships left a polluted and war-ravenged  Earth to seek out distant habitable planets. The billions left behind were forced to fend for themselves, fighting internal as well as external forces. Now, there are only a relative handful left. The population levels of Earth mimic that of the Stone Age, and in some cases, so do the inhabitants. Technology is scarce, and true knowledge is even more-so. History is passed down by word-of mouth, or gleaned from found data sources.

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