Z-Man Games Set Sail And Race To The New Found Land

July 9, 2018 by dracs

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Z-Man Games have released a new board game that sets you in the age of discovery; Race to the New Found Land.

This two to four player board game sees players take on the role of the dominant countries of western Europe, competing to gain a foothold in the New World and bring back valuable resources across the sea.

The game has a strong focus on resource management and application. You gain points by bringing resources back safely and fulfilling orders.

Choosing to use faster ships may mean you get to desirable locations before your opponents, but larger ships can carry more, and you must always be sure to set some resources aside to upgrade your fleet and maintain your edge on the competition.

The game looks simple but requires some fairly involved judgment calls, which could make for some surprisingly intense gameplay as you consider your moves and the risks and rewards involved.

How would you choose to play this game?

"The game looks simple but requires some fairly involved judgment calls..."

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