Check Out More Of Zealot’s Monstrous Fantasy Beasts!

May 13, 2021 by brennon

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Zealot Miniatures has been showcasing a few of their new 32mm resin Fantasy monsters for you to throw into armies and dungeon crawls. A few of these have been sighted before but they look so good that I thought I'd highlight them again. We start with a big ol' Bugbear!

Bugbear Ironshield - Zealot Miniatures

Bugbear Ironshield // Zealot Miniatures

The Bugbear Ironshield is a rather excellent look at these often overlooked D&D monsters. I always think that Bugbears get used as big dumb brutes but this fellow looks a lot more martial. I love the big chunky armour, the absolutely towering shield and the look of utter disgust on his face.

Maybe you want to unleash something terrifying and reptilian on your adventurers in a jungle?

Lizardkin Deathscale - Zealot Miniatures

Lizardkin Deathscale // Zealot Miniatures

Another superb miniature that is packed full of character. I love the twisted log that he's using as a club and the work that has gone into the scales that cover his body. This fellow would pop with the application of a good heavy wash! He also looks to have killed a lot of adventurers and monsters if that pile of skulls is anything to go by!

I am also a big fan of a lot of the Minotaurs from Zealot and this Labyrinth Minotaur is no different.

Labyrinth Minotaur - Zealot Miniatures

Labyrinth Minotaur // Zealot Miniatures

This particular Minotaur has been given a bit of a High Fantasy glow-up it seems, especially when you note all the runic armour pieces and those mighty axes. There is something of the World Of Warcraft to his design which means he would suit a game that is perhaps a little more over-the-top.

If you're particularly inclined to do so, you could also use this Minotaur as a player character. There are rules out there for making Minotaurs into adventuring heroes. This fellow could be a high-level Fighter or Paladin who has been blessed by the gods.

Lastly, we have something distinctly D&D. Here is a Mimic but one which has sprouted from a bookcase!

Bookcase Mimic - Zealot Miniatures

Bookcase Mimic // Zealot Miniatures

I love the idea that the Wizard could be making their way through a dungeon and gets distracted by a big pile of eerily intriguing spellbooks. As they wander over, they reach their hand out and immediately get grabbed by twisted tentacles and slick teeth! Another stunning miniature for their ever-expanding Mimic collection.

Are you liking this range of recently released monsters from the folks at Zealot Miniatures?

"I love the idea that the Wizard could be making their way through a dungeon and gets distracted by a big pile of eerily intriguing spellbooks..."

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