ZEN Show Off New Drowned Earth Shanty Town Terrain

August 24, 2019 by brennon

ZEN Terrain has joined forces with The Drowned Earth to create a new range of modular terrain for you to use in their Sci-Fi game.

Drowned Earth Shanty Town - ZEN Terrain

The first set will be for the modular Shanty Town which can be built up as you can see here or broken up into smaller pieces if you wanted to make a raft of different buildings that span a watery domain.

Drowned Earth Shanty Town Hut - ZEN Terrain

The terrain elements include the smaller buildings as you can see here plus extending bridges, barriers, ladders and more which will add a little bit more narrative into the mix during your games.

You will also be able to snap up this awesome Hovercraft which you may have seen in some of our previews before. I love the painting done by Castle Brush which gives you a great look at how the terrain will turn out once you've given it a quick paint job.

Drowned Earth Shanty Town Boat - ZEN Terrain

This collection is looking great and a good fit for the world of The Drowned Earth which is all about narrative skirmishes on the tabletop. The more terrain the better when it comes to this game and I think it would be fascinating to see how this matches up against lots of vegetation. I'd even weave some of it into the buildings themselves to show that nature has started to reclaim this place.

Are you going to be snapping up these terrain kits when they release next week?

"I think it would be fascinating to see how this matches up against lots of vegetation..."

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