ZEN Terrain Unveil New Sengoku Village Collection

June 19, 2019 by cassn

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ZEN Terrain have been showcasing their latest set of buildings for use in feudal Japanese tabletop games.

zen zen4

The set of old Sengoku/Japanese buildings have been in development for some time, and ZEN Terrain have promised even more will be available soon!

zen3 zen7

This terrain set could be used in any number of scenarios and could create a really interesting riverside village for a game like Test of Honour.

zen10 zen6

I also think, if these were painted up correctly, that these buildings could make a pretty interesting sci-fi or dystopian terrain option for other non-historical games.

zen5 zen9

I really love the rustic elements of the sculpts on these miniatures - you can see ZEN Terrain have worked hard to capture the essence of Sengoku life in historical Japan.

zen2 zen8

ZEN Terrain will be adding this Sengoku set to their store this weekend. In the meantime, you can check out their preview in more detail on Facebook.

Will you be creating a Sengoku scenario with this terrain? Comment below!

"Capture the essence of Sengoku life!"

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