Zenit Miniatures Bring War Elephants & More To Kickstarter

June 19, 2020 by brennon

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Zenit Miniatures are going to be expanding upon their range of Eastern models for use in your mass battle games. A big new army of the Katai are coming including War Elephants, Chariots, Warlords and more.

War Elephant - Zenit Miniatures.jpg

War Elephant // Zenit Miniatures

There are all manner of awesome looking miniatures coming out from this campaign that should be live tonight! A range of fascinating characters, mystics and more are leading the way with an array of wonderfully colourful miniatures. They are slightly bigger than 28mm if any of their existing range is anything to go by but are nicely detailed.

A lot of their characters have plenty of dynamism worked into their sculpts and you get the sense that they could have been ripped right from the artwork you see adorning wall hangings and the like.

Katai Hero - Zenit Miniatures.jpg

Katai Hero // Zenit Miniatures

A few more previews have popped up across the internet over the last couple of days including the likes of a War Chariot and Katai War Chariot and also the Manchu Cavalry.

Katai War Chariot - Zenit Miniatures

Katai War Chariot // Zenit Miniatures

Manchu Cavalry - Zenit Miniatures

Manchu Cavalry // Zenit Miniatures

Now, I hate to paint horses but this range is looking pretty awesome. I love the way they've designed all of these, much like with the characters, to show them rushing forward to run down their enemies. There are lots more options coming as part of their Kickstarter too so make sure to keep an eye on it!

Are you a big fan of the previews you've seen here?

"Are you a big fan of the previews you've seen here?"

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