ZombieSmith New Quar Sourcebook

November 2, 2011 by dracs

ZombieSmith have released a new Quar sourcebook, Of Spats and Pedrails.

It is early winter, 1772. Alwyd is still gripped by the fierce struggle between Alykinder’s Crusaders and the last Royalist holdouts. Factories produce aerocraft and tractors by the score daily, yet the ravenous appetite of The Long War refuses to be sated. There are dark clouds gathering as brave quar in the conquered lands begin to resist the stranglehold of the Crusade more openly. Will the Iron Regime weather the coming storm or will the winds of change sweep across Alwyd yet again?

This is an expansion for Songs of Our Ancestors and This Quar's War and introduces the rules for vehicles, allowing you to field full scale armoured assaults.

Along with this ZombieSmith have a number of new Royalist Coftryan releases.

What is your verdict on these? Do you like how they look? Would any of you be tempted to give the game a go?

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