Learn More About The Lethal Clans Of Ninja All-Stars!

January 17, 2015 by brennon

Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures have been warming up for the release of their new game, Ninja All-Stars with a range of background articles taking a look at the background of these methodical warriors from Clan Ika and Tora..

Clan Ika

"In and amongst the dark cliffs that surround Kagejima are inlets and coves with bustling fishing villages. Humble stilt towns with small fleets of equally humble fishers casting their nets, and running the rocky coastline catching the giant crabs that inhabit the shoals and jetties. These are the lands of the Ika clan."

Clan Tora

"The countryside east of the mountains is dotted with doughty villages spread amongst the edges of the great forests to the north and the broken lands to the south. The foothills yield great rewards to the industrious people there, both in mineral wealth, the black blood of the earth, and access to chemical ingredients in the manufacturing of powerful compounds used in making raw materials that fill the forges of the various clans. These are the lands of the Tora clan"

You can learn more about these two clans by clicking on the links above which will go into more detail about their background. Of course with Soda Pop we were going to see some anime designs but the artwork is looking really fresh and very cool.

Are you going to be holding out for more information on this new ninja-based game?

Let us know!

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