Learn Ninja All-Stars With New Gameplay Videos

April 5, 2015 by dracs

Ninja All-Stars is continuing its success on Kickstarter, but now Ninja Division have published a series of gameplay videos to give you a taste of the game.

Ninja All-Star Gameplay

Gameplay videos like these are a great way to get an idea about a game before you decide whether or not to invest in it. In this case, we get a better idea of how all the components go together in this characterful, colourful game.

Share Saki with Shojo

As well as these gameplay videos, Ninja Division have shone the spotlight on Shojo on Kickstarter, providing more information about the character's stats and background.


Shojo Stats

Shojo is a ronin type character and has been serving as the Kickstarter's most prominent mascot. This background really opens up the flavour of the game and helps to give us all an idea of how the characters themselves fit into the world. Ninja All-Star is definitely a game of great character and I think Shojo really embodies this.

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