New Ninja All-Stars Game Coming From Ninja Division & Soda Pop!

January 8, 2015 by brennon

If you like the chibi style of Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division then you might want to check out what they're doing with Ninja All-Stars that was previewed over on their website!

Ninja All Stars

The game looks like it could be subtitled Journey to the Kingdom of the Moon potentially and it could build on the dungeon crawling aspect of something like Super Dungeon Explore and add a Ninja twist instead. Some concept art and a bit of a blurb popped up on Board Game Geek however...




This shows off (in order) the Boss, Kunoichi and Ninja for the Ika Clan in the game so instead of it being a dungeon crawler it might end up being more of a versus thing if this description helps...

"Assemble your clans mightiest ninja and compete for honor and glory in the annual ninja games. The moonlight casts a pale light over the battleground as you compete with your team, earn experience, gain skills, and battle rival ninja clans in this league/campaign style game."

Are you interested in more Ninjas and chibi stuff from these guys?

Let us know!

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