Nocturna Call Up Fenrir & A Giant For Their 30mm Norse Range

September 15, 2015 by brennon

Nocturna Models have called up more ancient Norse creatures for their 30mm range of figures. Both the Ice Giant and Fenrir have been added to their collection and they look fantastic...


This massive Giant has probably been disturbed by some interlopers into his realm and is in mid-swing about to bat away his enemies.

Ice Giant

The model itself, while 30mm, stands at 65mm so he will be towering over most of your other models. I could see this being a fantastic foe to fight against in a role-playing game.

The Wolf In Chains

The beast has been unleashed by Nortuna and is about to kill its captors no doubt. I think the model, once again, is fantastic although I'm not a great fan of the paint job which might be a bit muted.


Of course Fenrir isn't a small model either, being a mighty son of Loki, and stands at 52mm in size.

All I need now is a reason to add these models into a game of SAGA.

What do you think of the models?

"All I need now is a reason to add these models into a game of SAGA..."

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