Nocturna Models Sculpt The Norse Gods On IndieGoGo

December 12, 2014 by brennon

Nocturna Models have popped up on IndieGoGo with a new campaign to raise money for a range of 72mm sculpts based on the Norse Gods and the time of Ragnarok! See what you think of Thor, Freya and Loki...




These sculpts by Farhad Nojumi and Ali Jalali under direction of JesĂşs Martin are going to come to you in high quality resin and they do look very stunning indeed. I particularly like Freya and Loki although of course Thor is magnificently powerful looking with his hammer, Mjolnir.



Ice Giant

As well as the big 72mm miniatures there are some 30mm scale additions that you can get with them if you pledge and break their goals. The first is a Dvergr (Dwarf) followed by the mighty wolf himself, Fenrir, and a rather angry looking Jotunn too with the Ice Giant.

They are very close to their target right now and I've no doubt they're going to jump past it very soon. Even if it doesn't reach it's goal the project will still receive it's funding thanks to the flexible funding option presented by IndieGoGo. An interesting angle to take.

What do you think?

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