Nocturna Head Off On A New Quest Against A Deadly Dragon

May 5, 2016 by brennon

Nocturna Models are now on Kickstarter with their project called The Quest. This sees two heroes facing off against the deadly dragon known as Kaeghar!


This is quite an interesting one as they will be sharing the story behind this adventure via social media as the campaign grows. You can find out more about the tale here on The Quest where they have given us the background for two of the characters too.

The Heroes

Facing off against the Dragon we have Sephare here, one of the lost and forgotten Neibhaal people. As you might imagine she is good with magic.


Following along with her is Nyr, the Dwarf.


He was one of the Kings own guards until he fell in love with his daughter and was exiled in shame. He has promised to escort Sephare to face her foes. It seems like Sephare might not be quite the benefactor that she says she is.

The Models

The Dragon from this set, Kaeghar, comes in one size. He stands at an impressive 300mm tall measured from feet all the way to the tops of his wings. A true monster. He has two head options. One with mouth agape and the second tamed by Sephare and closed.

Kaeghar (Resin)

The heroes come in two different sizes. You can get both Sephare and Nyr in 70mm if you're a collector looking to expand upon your roster of painting conquests OR you can snap them up in 35mm for tabletop purposes.

Sephare (Resin)

Nyr (Resin)

These really are great looking characters and I love the quality of the sculpts here. Nyr of course is my favourite of the pair - you can't turn down an ace looking Dwarf!

Free stuff that you'll also be getting include stories and plenty of artwork of the miniatures too.

What do you think?

"The Dragon from this set, Kaeghar, comes in one size. He stands at an impressive 300mm tall..."

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