Norsgard’s Scarlet Watch Send In The Daring Scouts

November 29, 2013 by brennon

Another week and another preview of what's to come for the world of Norsgard. This time around we have another look at the Scarlet Watch with the Scout artwork!

Scarlet Watch Scout

This Scout looks like it should be a fantastic model when it hits the table and if they can keep it in this creeping pose then all the better. I am also a big fan of hoods and cloaks so I appreciate that on the figure!

This model also pushes the look and feel of the Scarlet Watch as this 'noble savage' Orc army where they are a lot more than just brutal barbarians. If the model turns out well you also have a brilliant looking Orc Rogue for your role-playing!

Have you been keeping an eye on Norsgard?

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