The Bishop of Münster Rides Out Of North Star Military

September 29, 2014 by dracs

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North Star Military Figures have gone back to the Franco-Dutch War of 1672 and have brought the Bishop of Münster into the fight.

Bishop of Münster

According to North Star, the Bishop of Münster personally led the forces of Münster into the Dutch Republic in order to support the French assault. Not precisely what you might expect from a Bishop, but no doubt the French forces welcomed the assistance.

Now, while this model is intended to be the Bishop himself, it could easily be used to represent any other 17th century general. There is little to identify the sculpt, so depending how you paint him you could have the perfect leader for your troops. My only complaint with the model itself is that the horse's front leg looks so spindly I fear it's going to snap under its weight. But then, I don't know much about horse anatomy.

Do you plan on getting this Bishop from North Star?

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