North Star Military Figures Enjoy a Cuppa at the Crimean War

September 23, 2014 by dracs

We Brits do enjoy a good cuppa tea, don't you know, and even in the midst of war will stop for a quick brew. Such is the case with this Guard Officer who has just been released from North Star Military Figures.

Guard Officer with Tea

This sculpt by Great War Miniatures is a 28mm metal model, showing an officer in the uniform of the British army in the Crimean War calmly sipping tea from his fine bone china cup, pinky extended in the appropriate manner.

This model might be more of a comedic piece than a serious historical model, but you can't deny that the addition of a tea sipping superior to your command structure does add a little character to your army. All in all, I think he could be a good addition to a historical collection.

Fancy a cuppa?

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