Wizards Wage War as North Star & Osprey Team Up for Frostgrave

April 1, 2015 by dracs

North Star Military Figures have made the exciting announcement that they will once again be teaming up with Osprey Games, this time to create a game of wizardly battles in the frozen city of Frostgrave.


Here's the announcement from North Star's Facebook:

"Frostgrave is a Fantasy Wargame. Teams of Wizards and their henchmen battle over lost magic artefacts in an ancient frozen city.
We will be producing in partnership with Osprey a range of metal figures and, for the first time from North Star, plastic figures for the game.
Lots more news to come of course, and there will be a Nickstarter pre-order program offering you lots of bribes and pressies to place your order early with us. This will start in May." -
North Star Military Figures

North Star have an extensive range of metal miniatures, so it is cool to see them branching out into plastic. It will be interesting to see how their plastic compare to their metals.

In terms of the game itself, any fan of fantasy is going to love the idea of a game that is really focused upon the wizards. It often seems to me that wizards have a tendency to play second fiddle besides the more combat oriented heroes. Hopefully this game will open up possibilities for awesome spell slinging, as well as exploring the interesting setting of Frostgrave.

Think you will grab a staff and become a wizard in Frostgrave?

"Any fan of fantasy is going to love the idea of a game that is really focused upon the wizards."

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