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New Bearded Folk Join Northumbrian Tin Soldier’s Warband


Northumbrian Tin Soldier keep nudging me back to the Dwarven side of things with their releases.

Northumbrian’s Cats Of Crumptown Run Rampant On Kickstarter


Northumbrian Tin Soldier are now live on Kickstarter with their campaign for The Curious Case Of The Cats Of Crumptown.

Northumbrian’s Catty Barbarian Gets A Lick Of Paint


Northumbrian Tin Soldier are closing in on their Kickstarter for the Cats Of Crumptown which looks to turn iconic D&D classes into adventurous felines.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier Let More Cats Out Of The Bag


Northumbrian Tin Soldier has been showing off more previews ahead of their Curious Cats Of Crumptown Kickstarter which is going live next week.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier Preview Their Curious Cats


Northumbrian Tin Soldier has been previewing a few more miniatures coming your way as part of The Curious Cats Of Crumptown Kickstarter which is going to be popping up towards the end of October.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier Gets Curious About Cats


If you've not come across them before the Northumbrian Tin Soldier company design some fantastically whimsical 28mm fantasy figures.

Odd Characters Pop Up From Northumbrian Tin Soldier


Northumbrian Tin Soldier always offer up a wonderfully quirky and characterful set of miniatures for use in your games.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier Call On Lothur Ogrebane


Northumbrian Tin Soldier has added another of their Beardfolk into the mix for those who like their Dwarves.

North Star Show Of Shadowy Foes For Ranger Of Shadow Deep


North Star Military Figures are expanding upon their range of figures for use in Rangers Of Shadow Deep with some dangerous looking foes. 

Make Sure Not To Anger Northumbrian’s Malfolio Ironbraid!


Northumbrian Tin Soldier has released another of their Beardfolk into the world, Malfolio 'The Hammer' Ironbraid.

Pre-Order Northumbrian Tin Soldier’s Riverbank Defenders!


Northumbrian Tin Soldier is going to be defending the wilderness with their awesome cast of characters which will be available on April 6th. Check out The Guardians Of The Riverbank.

Nightfolk & More Take Centre Stage From Northumbrian Tin Soldier


Northumbrian Tin Soldier has been showing off some of their fantastically characterful range of miniatures for both their Nightfolk collection and the Time Robbers.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier Go Time Robbing With Robin Hood


Northumbrian Tin Soldier have put together some rather original looking sets for miniatures. The first of these are their Time Robbers who, as you might imagine, have been darting in and out of History picking up what they fancy...

Northumbrian Tin Soldier Bring the Daywatch to Salute


Nothumbrian Tin Soldier are releasing a new set of their Nightfolk at Salute; the heavily armoured sentinels and protectors known as the Daywatch.

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