Outbreak Miniatures Upgrade Kit Now On Kickstarter

December 15, 2016 by stvitusdancern

If you are a fan of the game Pandemic and are looking for ways to elevate your gameplay experience there is a new and interesting option now on Kickstarter.

Outbreak Miniatures

Outbreak Miniatures Upgrade Kit from Not-So Bored Games is a series of seven plastic one piece miniatures to replace the boring pieces that come with the game. In this base set you will get the following miniatures...

  • Emergency Communications Dispatcher (Rose)
  • Quarantine Hazmat Suit (Dark Green)
  • Planner (Light Blue)
  • Scientist (White)
  • Researcher (Brown)
  • Construction Manager (Light Green)
  • Medic (Orange)

The artwork for the miniatures was created by Jens Bengtsson, an artist from Sweden and the sculpting is being done by Chad Hoverter of DMG Miniature Factory, one of the sculptors behind Mice & Mystics and Cthulu Pandemic.


With a team like this, these should be some really nice miniatures. But what if you don't play Pandemic, wait, what? Don't you? You so have to play it is a very fun and frustrating game that the whole family can play.Well, if you don't these could be used in a multitude of other games or just to collect.

This is an easy investment for any gamer, even if you have backed some of the really big campaigns of late.

What is your favourite board game accessory?

"...a series of seven plastic one piece miniatures to replace the boring pieces that come with the game"

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